Service & Warranty Commitment

We want you to relax and enjoy your new home. At Wesbild Homes we consider customer service very important and we will strive to ensure you receive quality service in a timely manner.

Service levels at Turtle Mountain and Predator Ridge are consistent. Our Site Superintendent, Case Streefkerk, leads a team that is committed to making sure your needs are met from the time you purchase your home until your twelve month service inspection is complete. As a new Wesbild Homes homeowner, we provide you with a "Maintaining Your Home" binder which includes resources specific to the maintenance of your new home. Should you have an issue with the construction of your home, simply e-mail your concern to

Our service representative will respond to your email within 10 business days to schedule an appointment with you in order to determine what needs to be done to address the issue. Items covered under manufacturer or supplier warranties are not covered by Wesbild Homes, however, during the first year we will assist you in obtaining service if you are unable to do so directly with your supplier or manufacturer.

New Home Warranty Program

Your home is further protected by the "2, 5 and 10 YEAR" New Home Warranty Program of British Columbia (as legislated by the Homeowner Protection Office). This warranty covers major structural defects for ten years. Your Warranty Certificate Package will be mailed to your shortly after you take possession.